।। दोहा ।।
जय जय जय जग पावनी, जयति देवसरि गंग ।
जय शिव जटा निवासिनी, अनुपम तुंग तरंग ।।
Glory, all glory to you, sanctifier of the world – to you glory,
Mother Ganga, the sacred river of the gods – to you glory,
The sole dweller among the locks of Shiva – to you victory,
Your bouncing and rippling waves are beautiful positively.

।। चौपाई ।।
जय जय जननी हराना अघखानी। आनंद करनी गंगा महारानी ।।
जय भगीरथी सुरसरि माता। कलिमल मूल डालिनी विख्याता ।।
Accumulated sins’ destroyer and delight of devotees – Glory,
The queen consort among the sacred world streams – Glory,
Bhagirathi – stream of gods and nourishing the world – Glory,
The extirpator of roots of all defilements of Kali age – Glory.

जय जय जहानु सुता अघ हनानी। भीष्म की माता जगा जननी ।।
धवल कमल दल मम तनु सजे। लखी शत शरद चंद्र छवि लजाई ।।
Jahnavi, the destroyer of sins, all glory to you – Glory,
Bhishma’s Mother, source of world’s nourishment – Glory,
Your fair body delicate as petals of white lotuses – Glory,
Like a hundred autumn moons is abashed your beauty.

वहां मकर विमल शुची सोहें। अमिया कलश कर लखी मन मोहें ।।
जदिता रत्ना कंचन आभूषण। हिय मणि हर, हरानितम दूषण ।।
Your vehicle, the crocodile is perfect, sacred and elegent truly,
The urn filled with ambrosia in your hand is spellbinding surely,
Your gold ornaments are studded with precious gems beautifully,
The diamond necklace on your bosom is spotless without impurity.

जग पावनी त्रय ताप नासवनी। तरल तरंग तुंग मन भावनी ।।
जो गणपति अति पूज्य प्रधान। इहूँ ते प्रथम गंगा अस्नाना ।।
The Purifier of the world and destroyer of sins to you glory,
Your flowing, leaping waves are ever so alluring majestically,
Ganesh, Lord of Shiva’s henchmen, among gods is prime truly,
But bathing in the Ganga takes precedence over him certainly.

ब्रम्हा कमंडल वासिनी देवी। श्री प्रभु पद पंकज सुख सेवि ।।
साथी सहस्त्र सागर सुत तरयो। गंगा सागर तीरथ धरयो ।।
O Goddess, you dwell in the kamandala of Brahma certainly,
The pot made of earth or wood which he perpetually carries,
You descend to worship Vishnu’s lotus feet, happiness giver truly,
You absolve the sins of Sagara’s sons making Gangasagara holy.

अगम तरंग उठ्यो मन भवन। लखी तीरथ हरिद्वार सुहावन ।।
तीरथ राज प्रयाग अक्षैवेता। धरयो मातु पुनि काशी करवत ।।
You are filled with pleasurable, sensations and mystery,
Behold the pilgrimage of sacred Haridwar’s scenic beauty,
Along your banks is Prayag with Akshayavata, the most holy,
When you reversed your course Kashi became a place holy.

धनी धनी सुरसरि स्वर्ग की सीधी। तरनी अमिता पितु पड़ पिरही ।।

भागीरथी ताप कियो उपारा। दियो ब्रह्म तव सुरसरि धारा ।।
Blessed, all blessed are you, the stream of gods – certainly,
A leader to heaven and countless generations’ redeemer truly,
When Bhagirath performed the most rigorous known penance worldly,
Brahma blessed him with the You – the celestial stream heavenly.

जब जग जननी चल्यो हहराई। शम्भु जाता महं रह्यो समाई ।।
वर्षा पर्यंत गंगा महारानी। रहीं शम्भू के जाता भुलानी ।।
World’s provider, when you flowed with torrents forcefully,
Shambhu in his hair locks then kept you preventively,
For a whole year Great Empress you then undoubtedly,
Remained imperceptible, invisible and lost therein totally.

पुनि भागीरथी शम्भुहीं ध्यायो। तब इक बूंद जटा से ll
पायोताते मातु भें त्रय धारा। मृत्यु लोक, नाभा, अरु पातारा ।।
Then Bhagirath again meditated on Shambhu appealingly,
And Shambhu released a lock of your holy water ultimately,
From wherein you swelled into three streams eventually,
Flowing in the mortals, celestials and nether world finally.

गईं पाताल प्रभावती नामा। मन्दाकिनी गई गगन ललामा ।।
मृत्यु लोक जाह्नवी सुहावनी। कलिमल हरनी अगम जग पावनि ।।
The one flowing in the nether world is called Prabhavati lovingly,
The other flowing through heaven is known as Mandakini fondly,
In this mortals’ world the third is the beauteous Jahnavi caringly,
Who removes evils of Kali age, cleansing the world mysteriously.

धनि मइया तब महिमा भारी। धर्मं धुरी कलि कलुष कुठारी ।।
मातु प्रभवति धनि मन्दाकिनी। धनि सुर सरित सकल भयनासिनी ।।
O Mother you are ever blessed and illustrious abundantly,
Pivot of righteousness and axe to destroy Kali age sins truly,
Blessed, all blessed are all the three streams unquestionably,
Dispelling dread – Divine Ganga, Prabhavati and Mandakini.

पन करत निर्मल गंगा जल। पावत मन इच्छित अनंत फल ।।
पुरव जन्म पुण्य जब जागत। तबहीं ध्यान गंगा महँ लागत ।।
Who sips Ganga’s water in all its unpolluted element holy,
Is rewarded with success, fulfilment of desires and purity,
But with virtuous deeds fruition in the previous birth only,
Can anyone turn one’s mind to Ganga comprehensively.

जई पगु सुरसरी हेतु उठावही। तई जगि अश्वमेघ फल पावहि ।।
महा पतित जिन कहू न तारे। तिन तारे इक नाम तिहारे ।।
As soon as a person steps out towards the river holy,
He is rewarded with fruits of a horse-sacrifice clearly,
Your name delivers even the damned and fallen surely,
Whom none else could ever have liberated indisputably.

शत योजन हूँ से जो ध्यावहिं। निशचाई विष्णु लोक पद पावहीं ।।
नाम भजत अगणित अघ नाशै। विमल ज्ञान बल बुद्धि प्रकाशे ।।
Even those who remember you from a distance reverently,
Are granted a place in the realm of Lord Vishnu undoubtedly,
Countless sins are washed with your name repeated earnestly,
And radiance of unsullied knowledge and wit is blessed actually.

जिमी धन मूल धर्मं अरु दाना। धर्मं मूल गँगाजल पाना ।।
तब गुन गुणन करत दुःख भाजत। गृह गृह सम्पति सुमति विराजत ।।
As the original source of affluence is religious rite and charity,
So a sip of water from Ganga – source of dharma and honesty.
Evils flee and homes fill with radiance of affluence and morality,
When, Mother, your praises are sung with rapture and sincerity.

गंगहि नेम सहित नित ध्यावत। दुर्जनहूँ सज्जन पद पावत ।।
उद्दिहिन विद्या बल पावै। रोगी रोग मुक्त हवे जावै ।।
Who remembers holy Ganga and worships regularly,
Become noble persons even if he was wicked initially,
Even the witless fools get knowledge comprehendingly,
And the sick are cured of all the infirmities indubitably.

गंगा गंगा जो नर कहहीं। भूखा नंगा कभुहुह न रहहि ।।
निकसत ही मुख गंगा माई। श्रवण दाबी यम चलहिं पराई ।।
He who chants the name of Ganga with authenticity,
Never is starved nor remains unclothed positively,
As soon as he utters the name of Ganga genuinely,
Yama – God of death, hides and flees instantaneously.

महँ अघिन अधमन कहं तारे। भए नरका के बंद किवारें ।।
जो नर जपी गंग शत नामा।। सकल सिद्धि पूरण ह्वै कामा ।।
Ever since you delivered many a great sinner personally,
The doorways to hell have been closed for them finally,
He who ever repeats your hundred names devotedly,
Finds his desires fulfilled and attains to all prosperity.

सब सुख भोग परम पद पावहीं। आवागमन रहित ह्वै जावहीं ।।
धनि मइया सुरसरि सुख दैनि। धनि धनि तीरथ राज त्रिवेणी ।।
He enjoys all life’s blessings attains supreme state undauntedly,
And is delivered from life and death’s endless cycle ultimately,
Blessed are you Ganga, the celestial stream, happiness surely,
And blessed is Triveni, at Prayag, the holiest of the very holy.

ककरा ग्राम ऋषि दुर्वासा। सुन्दरदास गंगा कर दासा ।।
जो यह पढ़े गंगा चालीसा। मिली भक्ति अविरल वागीसा ।।
This hymn is composed by Sundardas a Ganga devotee,
In the hermitage of the sage Durvasa, of Kakara lovingly,
He who reads this hymn to Mother Ganga earnestly,
Receives as Munindra uninterrupted devotion and purity.

।। दोहा ।।
नित नए सुख सम्पति लहैं। धरें गंगा का ध्यान ।।
अंत समाई सुर पुर बसल। सदर बैठी विमान ।।

श्री गंगा चालीसा


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