108 Name of Vishnu Ji

The peace-loving deity of the Hindu Trinity, Vishnu is the Preserver or Sustainer of life with his steadfast principles of order, righteousness and truth. When these values are under threat, Vishnu emerges out of his transcendence to restore peace and order on earth.
The 10 Avatars:
Vishnu’s earthly incarnations have many avatars. His ten avatars are Matsyavatara (fish), Koorma (tortoise), Varaaha (boar), Narasimha (the man lion), Vaamana (the dwarf), Parasurama (the angry man), Lord Rama (the perfect human of the Ramayana), Lord Krishna (the divine diplomat and statesman), and the yet to appear 10th incarnation called the Kalki avatar.
In his commonest form, Vishnu is portrayed as having a dark complexion – the color of passive and formless ether, and with four hands.

The 108 names of Vishnu Ji

  1. Om Vishnave namaha 
  2. Om Jishnave namaha
  3. Om Vashat-karaya namaha
  4. Om Deva-devaya namaha
  5. Om Vrusha-kapaye namaha
  6. Om Damo-daraya namaha
  7. Om Deena-bandhave namaha
  8. Om Aadi-devaya namaha
  9. Om Dite-stutaya namaha
  10. Om Punda-reekaya namaha
  11. Om Para-nandaya namaha
  12. Om Paramatmane namaha
  13. Om Paratparaya namaha
  14. Om Parashu-dharine namaha
  15. Om Vishwatwane namaha
  16. Om Krishnaya namaha
  17. Om Kalimala-paharine namaha
  18. Om Koustu-bhodbasi-toraskaya namaha
  19. Om Naraaya namaha
  20. Om Narayanaya namaha
  21. Om Haraye namaha
  22. Om Haraya namaha
  23. Om Hari-priyaya namaha
  24. Om Swamine namaha
  25. Om Vaikuntaya namaha
  26. Om Vishwa-tomukhaya namaha
  27. Om Hrushi-keshaya namaha
  28. Om Aprame-yaya namaha
  29. Om Aatmane namaha
  30. Om Vara-haya namaha
  31. Om Dharanee-saraya namaha
  32. Om Dharme-shaya namaha
  33. Om Dharanee-nadhaya namaha
  34. Om Dyeyaya namaha
  35. Om Dharma-bhrutamvaraya namaha
  36. Om Sahasra-shirshaya namaha
  37. Om Purushaya namaha
  38. Om Sahasra-kshaya namaha
  39. Om Sahasra-padave namaha
  40. Om Sarwa-gaya namaha
  41. Om Sarwa-vidyaya namaha
  42. Om Sarwaya namaha
  43. Om Sharanyaya namaha
  44. Om Sadhu-vallabhaya namaha
  45. Om Kousalya-nanda-naya namaha
  46. Om Srimate namaha
  47. Om Raksha-kaya namaha
  48. Om Kula-vina-shakaya namaha
  49. Om Jagat-kartaya namaha
  50. Om Jagadar-taya namaha
  51. Om Jagaje-taya namaha
  52. Om Janarti-haraya namaha
  53. Om Janakee-vallabhaya namaha
  54. Om Devaya namaha
  55. Om Jayaya namaha
  56. Om Jaya-rupaya namaha
  57. Om Jaleshwa-raya namaha
  58. Om Ksherabdhi-vasine namaha
  59. Om Kshirabdhi-tanaya-vallabhaya namaha
  60. Om Shesha-shaeine namaha
  61. Om Pannagaree-vahanaya namaha
  62. Om Vishtara-shravaya namaha
  63. Om Madhavaya namaha
  64. Om Madhura-nadhaya namaha
  65. Om Mukundaya namaha
  66. Om Mohana-shanaya namaha
  67. Om Daityarine namaha
  68. Om Pundaree-kakshaya namaha
  69. Om Achyutaya namaha
  70. Om Madhu-sudanaya namaha
  71. Om SOma-suryagni-nayanaya namaha
  72. Om Nrusimhaya namaha
  73. Om Bhaktha-vatsalaya namaha
  74. Om Nityaya namaha
  75. Om Niramayaya namaha
  76. Om Nara-devaya namaha
  77. Om Shudhaya namaha
  78. Om Jagatprabhave namaha
  79. Om Haya-grivaya namaha
  80. Om Puji-taya namaha
  81. Om Upendhraya namaha
  82. Om Rukmineepataye namaha
  83. Om Sarwadeva-mayaya namaha
  84. Om Srishaya namaha
  85. Om Sarwa-dharaya namaha
  86. Om Sanatanaya namaha
  87. Om Soumyaya namaha
  88. Om Soumya-pradaya namaha
  89. Om Srashtaya namaha
  90. Om Vishva-ksenaya namaha
  91. Om Janardhanaya namaha
  92. Om Yashoda-tanayaya namaha
  93. Om Yogaya namaha
  94. Om Yoga-shastra-parayanaya namaha
  95. Om Rudhrat-makaya namaha
  96. Om Rudramurtaye namaha
  97. Om Raghavaya namaha
  98. Om Madhu-sudanaya namaha
  99. Om Atula-tejase namaha
  100. Om Parasmai-jyotine namaha
  101. Om Sarwa-papa-haraya namaha
  102. Om Punyaya namaha
  103. Om Amita-tejase namaha
  104. Om Dukha-nashanaya namaha
  105. Om Daridrya-nashanaya namaha
  106. Om Dourbhagya-nashanaya namaha
  107. Om Sukha-vardha-naya namaha
  108. Om Sarva-sampat-karaya namaha

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